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Hi! I’m Meggan.

Yes, Meggan with 2 G’s. It’s funny having such a common name spelled different, people sometimes think I misspell my name on accident, and then correct it for me. Always good for a laugh and if you’re anyone that has an uncommon spelling of a name I’m sure you’ve learned to let it go as I have my whole life.

Anywho, I’ve been going back and forth on writing a blog for a few years now. I mean who really wants to sit there and read about someones life. But more recently I’ve found that there is such comfort in finding someone I can relate to. Now if you’ve lived a not so perfect life, have a ton of kids, a 5’5″ USMC vet husband and a kitten named “Pua” you have read into the right place. Kidding, well sort of? My life as everyone elses has had its shares of ups and downs, trials and tribulations. I’m very young and I’ve had to learn everything I know the hard way but throughout it all, and even on my worst days I am SO grateful for those surrounding me. And if I could share a little bit of lovin’ with the world for their enjoyment, entertainment, comfort, or whatever it may be I would LOVE to be that person. My life wide open, here it goes!!!

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