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Being a Baseball Mom.. do I graduate to a Team Mom

As we just closed the very heartbreaking World Series and watched our Dodgers lose miserably, AGAIN, I can’t help but be anxious for my boys to start Baseball. This year is even more exciting because Jesse’s coach has asked me if I would like to be Team Mom and being the Baseball Mom that I am, I of course accepted! Baseball season is my happiest time of the year, my most proud moments are watching these boys play ball.

Caution: Let the Bragging Begin!!!

Leo my 8-year-old has a blast playing. This last year he wanted to do what big brother does  and played catcher. According to Jesse, Leo “copied” him. IT NEVER ENDS BETWEEN THESE TWO. He is learning the game more and more, and I expect him to be a talented little ball player too. It’s in our DNA. I love picturing him wearing a big smile and the heavy gear running into position. my baby 🙂

Jesse, 11 going on 16 ugh! has had a lot more privileges when it comes to playing baseball. This giant kid is almost as tall as I am, and knows he has a gift at this sport. He played for Arroyo Grande Valley Little League for a couple of years until the coach told us the game was about love and not about winning. We decided quickly we needed a change. We’re about winning because we LOVE the sport. So he played out that last year on the Reds and switched over to the Cal Ripken League, 5 Cities Youth Baseball. We realized there were other players whose parents made the switch too. We were happy; nicer fields, more organization and competitiveness. Stoked too that Little Leo would start his baseball career playing for this league. Jesse had a good time playing out each position. Like any boy his age they all want to be Pitcher, he’s pretty good at it but it makes this Baseball Momma beyond nervous! One year he had a coach ask him to “autograph” a baseball saying he knew Jesse was going somewhere, he was 7. His last summer playing on the 5 Cities All-Stars they played hard, got dirty and made it to the State Championships in Clovis, CA and took 3rd place. During that last year was when Jesse decided catching was where it’s at. Mucho Props to Coach Nich for helping Jesse grow in his career of baseball!


Moving to Lompoc last November meant starting a whole new league, and they needed to try out again. Jesse did some wild dives and attempted catches that caught the coaches eyes and was chosen during draft to be a Wildcat. Leo did awesome too and landed on the Yankees 🙂


I heard from around town that the team Jesse was picked up on, was the team to beat. The rumors were true! These boys lost only one game all season long, and baseball is much more competitive here in Lompoc. WE LOVE IT. Jesse even picked up the nickname “Hollywood” after I share some pics you’ll see way. When it was time for Playoffs these boys mercy ruled EVERY team and ultimately won the Championship, two Championships! The Wildcats worked great as a team and it was so much fun to watch!!! I’m sad that a good chunk of these boys will be moving on to Babe Ruth, but that’s how it goes. Jesse is known to be a big at bat but that season he had hit his very first over the fence HOME RUN! I could not believe it!!! And guess where we were.. ITALY. On my dream birthday trip. Of course we would leave and he would hit his first over the fence home run! Being the Proud Baseball Mom that I am, my husband and I were rooting and cheering  for him over the WhatsApp when he called to tell us. Which may have resulted in a call from the front desk. It was 6 a.m. Florence time. WHOOPS!!!

I, of course embarrass the poop out of my kids wearing my Baseball Mom shirts and their numbers on my cheeks. I try to keep the “That’s my Baby!!” and calling them “Babe” to a minimum, but you know what? I just can’t help it some times!!! So I’m working on my “Thatta Boy” I think the boys would prefer if i just shut up all together. HA!

But am I ready for this Team Mom stuff?

When it came to mingling with parents and connecting this last year, I decided not to participate and sit back, watch the boys play and cheer with my husband. I chose not to really talk to anyone until I could feel them out. Being a baseball mom and parent is a funny thing, the parents can be AWESOME and they can be complete snobs. Lots and lots of politics and gossip which is recipe for disaster with my depression and anxiety. At the time it was just best that I laid low. In the past I would just get so excited and wanted to make friends with everybody! I learned the hard way that not everyone wants to be your friend too. But, This year as Team Mom my goal is to connect more, but with boundaries.  I am really, really excited about it. Even if Jesse doesn’t feel the same. If anyone reading has suggestions to a Fun, Successful and Healthy Team Mom experience, please share with me!

Keep on the lookout for more Baseball Mom posts, we have a few months before we get started but I’m already prepping. You know, I am so busy all the time being a stay at home mom, coordinating everything from story time at the library, basketball, cleaning my house, raising all these kids and most days I want to pull every strand of my hair out. But these kids shape my life and make it so much worth living. I praise God for such gifts every single day!

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