Ripple Street KIKKOMAN Party!

I’m a sucker for freebies, coupons, coupon codes, discount racks, and sales. Ask my husband, it drives him absolutely nuts. That being said when I came across Ripple Street’s House Parties. They send you a free Party Pack to try a product and share with friends. I thought to myself, “Wow that sounds fun! Plus I get cool free stuff. How do I sign up!?”

The first application I submitted was for an NFL cake party. I was bummed I wasn’t selected for that one, I LOVE making cakes. Then I came across the Kikkoman Party and  thought why not!

They picked me!

I received my Free Party Pack a few weeks later and inside was a $25 American Express Gift Card, 10 Awesome Kikkoman Shirts, coupons,  and recipe booklets to share with my guests. OH, and a super cute pot holder.


Time to go Shopping!

I took my $25 gift card, coupons and headed to Foods Co.  I was determined to make that $25 stretch. I bought what I needed to make a delicious Savory Chicken Brine and Roasted Brined Brussels Sprouts that I found in the recipe booklet provided. Then, I thought I would think outside the box and think up my own recipe using Kikkoman Panko, so I bought what I needed for that too!

Time to get Cookin!

You would not believe this but the Chicken and Brussels Sprouts are brined with Soy Sauce! I had never even heard of that, I was actually quite skeptical. I started early knowing that the Chicken would need to sit in the brine for 4 hours. The Brussels Sprouts only required 1 hour, but I thought 4 hours for them would probably be pretty tasty too.


An hour or so before our guests were to arrive, I placed the Chicken and Sprouts in the oven. I quartered red potatoes and stuck them in my handy dandy Instant Pot/Best Friend, covered them with chicken broth and got those going too. Once the Chicken and Sprouts were done I put the mashed potatoes I had transferred to baking dish and sprinkled with buttered Panko and shredded cheese into the broiler.


I was so excited to try out some new flavors with a couple of our great friends. More were invited but unfortunately with the long weekend were unable to attend. More for us! My friend Ashley helped me with the finishing touches and before we knew it we had a Mouth Watering Spread that we could NOT wait to get our hands on.


Time to eat!

We sat down and dug in. Traditionally it is rude to speak with your mouth open but we could not help but comment on how tender, juicy and flavorful the chicken was. It turned out AMAZING! The Brussels Sprouts and Mashed Potatoes with Panko were delicious too. The Chicken however was the Star of the evening. Even my picky eaters were asking for more and more Chicken.


Thank you Kikkoman Kitchen & Ripple Street for allowing us to try new flavors, I think we may try this with our Turkey for Thanksgiving!

Ripple Street House Parties

We had such a great time and experience with the Kikkoman Party that I can’t wait to apply for more free party packs and share them with you again. I hope they pick me! To apply for a party of your own visit

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  1. Sounds yummy doll! My brother had a nickname in HS . Soy Sauce or Sauce (our last name was Sawyer😉)

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