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Happy Home-iversary to us!!!

Holy Guacamole, has one year seriously passed since we purchased our forever home? It seems like it was yesterday that we were secretly home shopping with our realtor.

Some of you may have been wondering for a year now where have we been? How we suddenly disappeared from our home town of Arroyo Grande, Ca. Well….. we moved and WE BOUGHT A HOUSE!

The last a lot of you knew of us was living in a tiny apartment. Since we’ve been together Leo and I have been on an every day mission of providing a better life for our children than we had growing up. That meant leading up to becoming homeowners that we would have to give away our dog and live in a 2 bedroom apartment for a year. Yes, all 4 of us in a 850 sq foot apartment. We had to make this sacrifice to save money to purchase our forever home. We toughed it out and made it work! We promised ourselves we would not live there longer than a year and we kept that promise.

We knew we could not afford to live in the 5 cities any longer. As beautiful and close to our family as it was, it wasn’t practical if I was not returning to work. Having 4 kids that just wasn’t an option for us. We found a realtor who showed us around a few little towns, within 50 miles from the 5 cities. It was funny when we landed in Lompoc, the town I spent the first 8 years of my life in. Leo was only familiar with the town from High School wrestling so it was neat to be able to show him around. Within moments of walking into our home we knew it was the one. We sat down at sushi the two of us and talked over the dozen houses we had seen but we both knew. We called our realtor who already had a hunch we’d be making an offer and had returned to the house to make a video for us. While he was there he noticed that another realtor’s card had been left. We may have been the first to see the home but we weren’t the only ones interested. By the end of the day our realtor worked his magic and the seller accepted our offer. Into the escrow process we went. Praying to God every second of every day, working hard to get whatever paperwork needed turned in as soon as we were asked. We wanted this house but we were also being realistic. We prayed to My Dad to put in a word with the big guy upstairs. He must have, because we made it through and received our keys 2 days before Veterans Day.


Leo and I kept it a secret from almost everyone, even the kids! We wanted to surprise them. We had to think of the perfect plan. We both thought a treasure map would be a fun idea. I grabbed a piece of paper and pencil connected with my inner child and started to create the map. Leo called and set it up with Grandma Deb and Grandpa Abel  to watch the kids while we would be “home shopping.” We were so anxious to tell the kids during the days leading up to the surprise. We almost let the cat out of the bag as they helped us fill the Uhaul the night before. But we HAD to keep it a secret, from the kids and from Grandma Deb and Grandpa Abel who live 6 blocks away of our new home. If they asked us a question we had a slick answer. We were determined.


Surprising the Kiddos

We drove the kids from Grover Beach to Lompoc without a peep. They were excited to spend time with Grandma and Grandpa so they asked no questions.

We dropped them off..

Headed to the grocery store to pick up a few balloons


Went to our NEW HOME where the few people that knew we closed escrow were waiting to help surprise the kids. My sister-in-law had made some cute signs to label the kids rooms for them, we got those set up then anxiously called Grandpa Abel, BUT HE WOULD NOT ANSWER. We called Grandma Deb, NO ANSWER. Oh, MY, GOSH! Was our plan failing??? So we called about 100 more times and then decided we’d just wait to hear back. Finally a call back! 

The instructions were:

  1. Go to the double stroller, they could not figure out how to open the stroller OMG! again! The agony!
  2. In the stroller you will find a map
  3. Gather the kids and put the girls in the stroller
  4. Follow the instructions on the map!

Our hearts were POUNDING!

The weeks of keeping a secret, all of our hard work in saving and making sacrifices, were all about to explode out of my heart. I couldn’t wait to embrace my babies and tell them THIS IS YOURS!!!

The Arrival

I was waiting there with balloons, my husband was unfortunately tied up by Bob the neighbor. As they got closer to the house I could see the confusion in their faces. They had no clue what was happening or where we had sent them to. As we walked through the house it became more and more real.

Watch the video here ~




Since that Perfect Veterans Day we have worked hard to make it ours. My husband tailoring to my every request. Project after project, and still so many planned! We got the boys into a great Public Charter school, LOVE them wearing uniforms. Signed them up for baseball, basketball. The girls and I got familiar with our local YMCA, Library, the SUPER cool aquatic center and parks. Met some great people and we adore living here.

A very Happy Veterans Day and

Home-iversary to us!!!

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  1. This was such a great and happy day! Meg you and Leo are an amazing couple and great parents! We are so very happy for you all! We love you so much! Xo grandpa Abel and grandma Deb

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