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FortNite “Birthday Royale” Party!

Ask anyone on the street if they’ve heard of the game FortNite and their bound to say yes. Whether they play it 24/7 or they just know about it. 

I, myself don’t care too much for FortNite because it is a constant battle with our son every time his screen time for the day is up and he’s asked to get off. If its not a battle he pouts for the rest of the day or evening. Drives me nuts.

But, being the Momma that I am when Jesse said for his 11th Birthday he would like to have a FortNite party, I took to google and Pinterest in making the best darn FortNite Birthday Royale Party in the history of 11 year old FortNite parties!

Now, I am one of those who live by; Why buy it if you can make it. Sometimes it really works out for me and I save a ton of money. Other times it bites me in the butt and I spend much more than I should have. 

After my research was complete I knew we needed to make the following:

  •  1. Loot Llama Pinata
  • 2. Loot Llama Cake
  • 3. Boogie Bombs
  • 4. Slurp Juice
  • 5. Chug Jugs
  • 6. Med Kits
  • 7. V-bucks
  • 8. Treasure Chests
  • 9. Supply Drops for FortNite Battle and Goodie Bags

Since we decided we’d set up the backyard into a Nerf  war zone FortNite Style we needed to come up with the following:

  • Nerf Guns
  • Nerf Bullets
  • Goggles
  • Pallets
  • Cardboard
  • Green and Black Spray Paint
  • Helium filled Yellow Balloons

I didn’t want to spend an arm and a leg on everything so I looked hard through things we already had. 

Loot Llama Pinata

Loot Llama Pinata

I started collecting boxes received from Amazon, knowing that I wanted to make the Pinata from Cardboard and Tissue Paper. I used the boxes to shape the head first, then the body and very last I used toilet paper rolls for the legs. I used scotch tape to tape them all together. Since it was such a Large Pinata it needed extra support for the rope. My husband came up with the idea of using a plastic hanger on the inside of the body and attaching the rope to it. GENIUS! Worked out perfect. Inside was Jesse’s favorite candy, V bucks and more amo.

Loot Llama Cake

Loot Llama Cake

Normally Jess ALWAYS chooses a red velvet cake, last year I even made a blue velvet cake. But THIS YEAR Jesse asked for an ice cream cake. Ice Cream cakes seem to be extremely expensive to buy and I’ve actually made one before so I thought, piece of cake 😉 I used a simple white cake recipe and bought a thing of Cookies and Creme ice cream. The night before the party I baked the cake, waited for it to cool then wrapped in it plastic and stuck it in the freezer. Next Day I made a chocolate ganache (so easy and SO delicious) Took the soon to be Loot Llama Cake and ice cream out of the freezer, cut cake in half with my Wilton’s cake cutting knife, lathered the middle with the cookies and creme ice cream, assembled the cake, covered the top with my beautiful chocolate ganache and stuck it back in the freezer . I then proceeded to work on the buttercream for the frosting. I used the colors found in the FortNite game and placed them in piping bags with the appropriate tips. Took the cake out of the freezer and piped on the grass, then the infamous Loot Llama. ALL FREEHAND. Pretty Good right?? (*my life wide open: I LOVE BAKING AND MAKING CAKES*)

Boogie Bombs

These were so much fun to make! We had cartons full of hollow eggs stashed in the garage we had made and planned to use to make confetti eggs for a random occasion. I thought, Why not make these into boogie bombs! I filled them with sequins and shiny confetti, topped them with the tissue paper, painted glue all around the egg then dipped them in glitter of the colors of this FortNite. When the kids found this during the Birthday Royale Battle, they would smash them on each other then start doing these goofy dances. It was pretty darn funny!

Slurp Juice 

I took to for the Slurp Juice wrappers. They were affordable to purchase the pdf file, download and print. I bought a few packs of the tall blue Kool-Aid Drinks, only $1 for 6, wrapped the label around each one and taped it in place. I placed these in the Drop Bags, and Treasure Chests.

Chug Jugs

As with the Slurp Juice, I visited to purchase the downloadable pdf file. I bought the box of Barrel Jug Juices, picked out all the blue ones and wrapped and taped the labels to them. I reserved the rest of them for the rest of the night since this was also a sleepover. Poor me right? Na, we had just as much fun as the kids did! These were also placed in the Treasure Chests and Drop Bags.

Med Kits

Same with the previous 2, visited found the labels for Med Kits that would wrap around a Hershey’s chocolate bar. Printed them out, bought a couple packs of the chocolate bars and included these in the Treasure Chests and Drop Bags.

V Bucks

So these, I probably spent the most on. It bummed me out but I was determined to go with everything I had planned for this epic Fortnite Birthday Royale Party! I needed to find chocolate coins, of course any other time that i’m not desperate to find them they’re EVERYWHERE. But oh no, since I was on the prowl of Dollar Trees, 99 cent stores even Walmart and Drug stores they were no where to be seen. I resorted to Party City, found them, bought them. Was sad I spent so much, but happy to have found them. I then found the V Bucks logo on google images, downloaded and printed a whole bunch of them to paste on one side of the chocolate coins. Then put these in the Treasure Chests.

Treasure Chests

Another fun project! These I made out of the recycled amazon boxes and duct tape. They were super simple to make and the more I made the better they looked. We filled these Treasure Chests with a Nerf Gun, Pack of Nerf Ammo, Boogie Bombs, Slurp Juice, Chug Jugs, V Bucks and Med Kits. These were stashed all around the Birthday Royale war zone. The kids loved these so much that they took them home with them. My youngest son still has his and stores his Nerf ammo in it. 

Supply Drops

The supply drops Jesse said we HAD to have. So after my research I went to the Dollar Tree, found 2 packs of 3, blue medium sized paper gift bags. I wanted to do little goodie bags too of course so I found blue paper lunch sack sized bags. I believe they came in packs of ten. We had the yellow balloons and helium tank already at home. I found a free “DROP” sign on Pinterest then printed Large signs to paste to the Birthday Royale bags and Small signs to paste to the goodie bags. We filled the Big Drop Bags, with everything you’d find in the Treasure Chest minus the V Bucks. Then tied the helium filled Yellow Balloon to a string, then to the bag. We then planted these all around the Birthday Royale war zone. 

The goodie bags were filled with a Pack of Nerf Ammo to get them started, some fun goggles I bought at the Dollar Tree(they didn’t like them though, said they couldn’t see and ripped them off, Whoops!) and V Bucks. I figured they’d use these bags for the Pinata. 

Nerf Guns

My kids have an abundance of nerf guns, my youngest boy that’s all he wants for birthdays, Christmases, etc. They wanted to use them for the war and weren’t willing to share. Since borrowing them wasn’t an option I wanted to have a few that I could have to stash in the Treasure Chests and Supply Drops. I found a sweet deal for 8 guns $25 on craigslist, used but well taken care of nerf guns! SCORE!

Nerf Bullets/Ammo

I wanted to keep it to just the traditional nerf bullets, the little balls hurt like heck and this was meant for fun not injury. ha! I searched Amazon and found 300 bullets for like $12 bucks. They weren’t the actual Nerf Brand but the reviews said they worked just the same. And to my surprise they were wrapped in packs of 10 which made it perfect for distributing across all the fun stuff I had planned and made. 

Birthday Royale Battle Field

Constructing the FortNite Birthday Royale Nerf War Zone

My husband collected wood pallets and large pieces of cardboard from around town. Our back yard has been a work in progress anyways so we had no problem converting it into a war zone. I left that part to my husband, he created places to hide, climb into, blinds, and spray painted them all to look like camo. It looked great! We then stashed the treasure chests and Supply Drops.

Major Success!!!

We had kept all these awesome plans a secret from Jess, so when he came outside to see everything my husband and I created he was in awe, he was so stoked which made the hard work so worth it for this Momma.

THE KIDS HAD A BLAST! My Husband announced when the FortNite Birthday Royale game started and they knew exactly what to do. The “Birthday Royale” went on for about 20 minutes, we took a break to do Loot Llama Pinata and Loot Llama cake then they were back at it until dark. Then of course they all nerded out in Jesse’s bedroom and played the actual game on his PS4. It was a wonderful day and a GREAT FortNite Birthday Party.

If you are interested in creating a FortNite Birthday Royale of your own and have questions, comment below! I’d be happy to share ideas and answer questions. 

Happy Planning!!! 

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