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My Baby, not so much my baby anymore…

Yesterday we received mail from the school district. I had no idea what type of letter I was opening. To much of my surprise it was a letter informing us that open enrollment starts THIS SATURDAY for Junior High. Yes you read that correctly JUNIOR HIGH! This next fall, my baby will be going to middle school.

I’m choking back the tears at this moment. Jesse my oldest, 11 years old, is growing up so fast I can hardly handle it. 

My Life Wide Open… Ready for this?

I look almost too young to have an 11 year old right? This is because I am young, I was young.

When I learned this “baby” would be entering the world, I was only a baby myself, 16 years old. At the time I had it all figured out, 16 years old i’d baby sat since I was 9, I had this! NO PROBLEM. Yes, that was my naive 16 year old self, wanting so bad to be grown up, concentrating on how mature I would look with a baby. Not giving a second thought of what the real world was going to throw at me. It’s funny how the teenage mind thinks. It didn’t matter what my dad, grandma or anyone else had to say. I had it all figured out and I refused to even hear what they had to say. I was having this baby!

Little Angel 

As it turned out, Jesse was an absolute blessing. No, I would NOT recommend any teenager to try to have a baby, but Jesse helped turn my life around. I got myself back in school, graduated head of the class of my continuation school. I was determined to make a life for this little guy. However, being the age that I was, I still had a lot of growing up do to. Me and this little baby were going to be growing up together.

Over the years it hasn’t been easy. His father and I got married, had another little baby, only to divorce a few years later. We’ve moved all over the place. Jesse’s attended a handful of different schools. All of this is not ideal for a growing, learning, thriving child.

One thing that stayed consistent though, was and is that I am a GREAT Mom. I know and believe this down to the core of my heart. He knows this, all four of my kids know this. My husband knows this. 

Times are a’ Changin’!

You’ll learn more about my life and the lives of all my babies as time goes on. I was just so surprised to have received this letter in the mail. Yes I know he’s getting older, and of course I knew by the grace of GOD eventually he’d make it to middle school. Seeing it in writing just made it so real. 

My baby, this once 8lb 10oz little baby with a head full of hair is not so little anymore. He’s growing up before my eyes. Part of me just wishes it would stop. BUT I am confident in the man he will become, the young man he is becoming. 

I guess its time to brace myself for the teenage years, and probably look back at this post just to remind myself of how sweet of a little guy he was.

Middle School… here we come!

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    1. Thank you so much! This really means a lot to me. I wrote this post and chose not to advertise it on social media like I do with all my others. I was just telling my sister how starting out this blog i’m not sure if people will want to know about me being a young mother. She told me “Meggan, it’s your story. Write what you want.” So thank you for this comment, it truly means a lot!

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