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Christmas Gift Giving with Amazon

The other day I had posted on my Facebook page for LifeAmorFamily an ad from for their Fire Kids 7 tablet. They were having a killer deal on it and we actually took advantage of it ourselves.

Anytime I come across a good deal I feel it is my official duty to share it with the world. Laugh about it because I totally laugh to myself. Just the other day at Vons they had their $5 Friday sale going on, 3 cases of water for $5 and Caprisun packs 5 for $5. Um hello!! Those are both a steal and if there wasn’t a 3 and 5 limit on them I probably would have cleaned house. Ha! The sad thing is i’m serious. 

Back to good deals. and Amazon Prime are THE BEST!

Want to beat the hustle and bustle of the holiday in-store shopping? Or maybe you’re working and the only time you have to shop is on your lunch break. Amazon will be your Best Friend, i’m not kidding. Here’s some of their lists this season of Most Popular Items, Items Most Wished For, Amazon Exclusives, and some deals that might be time sensitive so make sure to take advantage of them while you

Best Selling Amazon Products 

Best selling in toys are LOL Dolls, so funny! My daughter loves these little dolls and when she finally had the courage to sit on Santa’s lap yesterday that was the one thing she asked for. 

In electronics It’s the All-New Echo Dot. My Husband and I were just gifted an older model of the echo with “Alexa” at first I thought it was ridiculous but it’sactually pretty neat to be able to say “Alexa, Christmas Tree On!” or “Alexa play kids Christmas Music” and the sound from the echo is amazing! I highly recommend.

The best selling in clothes is a Carhartt Beanie. Carhartt is an awesome brand I don’t blame the customers of Amazon. Would be perfect to stick in a stocking, light-bulb!

The Top sellers are updated hourly, so come back and click the link again to see what else is popular!

Most Wished For Amazon Products

Most wished for in Toys and Games is again The LOL Dolls, i’m telling ya’ these things are super popular. They’re actually pretty neat too, when you open the layers you find different little accessories for the tiny dolls. All mini and super cute. 

In Movies it’s the Incredibles 2. Makes sense, every time we pass by the DVDs at a store my kids make a big deal and make me look at The DVD of the Incredibles 2 for sale.

In Electronics, again is the All-New echo dot. Might be something worth taking a gander at don’t ya think??

Top Gift Ideas

You’re not going to believe this, but the Three Top Gift Ideas on this list are all the same as above!

Amazon Exclusives

This is a section you need to browse through. Amazon Brand has excellent quality of products. From Tech Gadgets, to things for the Home, Toys, all kinds of really cool things worth checking out. If you don’t want to join the trend and get what everyone else is getting, click above, you won’t be disappointed.

Amazon Warehouse Deals!!!

If you are an Amazon Lover like me, you probably already know about these gems. But if you didn’t i’m here to let you in on a little secret. A bargain hunters DREAM! Amazon has a section, sometimes hard to locate, that offers Deep Discounts. Some of these items have been returned, some were damaged in shipping, some JUST THE BOX was damaged in shipping, and some have just been marked down a whole bunch to sell quickly. The list goes on, if you are in the market for a TV or Computer but the brand new ones are out of budget, consider Refurbished! You can find them here as well. Also if you look closely you might run into the “Bargain Bin” Oh man this gets me so excited!

Giving this time of year, and any time of the year really, can be much more rewarding than receiving. I hunt for hours for the perfect give for my loved ones. I hope this helps give you an idea of what your options are and you are able to find the perfect gift. And maybe save some $$ while you’re at it!

Happy Shopping!!! If I come across anymore amazing deals from Amazon they’ll be posted on my Facebook page. Follow me on social media too!

Merry Christmas!!

***The links above are affiliate links to which if clicked, and purchased through I may receive a small commission. Thank you!*** 

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