Life Amor Family's 12 Days of Baking and Candy Making
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Tools for the Ultimate Baking & Candy Making Experience

Life Amor Family's 12 Days of Baking Candy Making Tools

Hey there!!

Thank you for following along my 12 Days of Baking and Candy Making. By now you’ve noticed I’ve used some pretty impressive Baking Gadgets. I’ve been trying my best to include links to Amazon for certain ones just in case you were interested in buying them. 

Today’s recipe for English Toffee was probably the most involved, but along will come fudge and a couple others.

I browsed around Amazon today to find the best prices and quality on needed items to help you with the Best Baking & Candy Making experience!!

If you’re an Amazon Prime member you could have these delivered to your door in just a couple of days. This means you can make your grocery list, have everything ready, and just await the gear!

# 1- A Standing Mixer

kitchenaidpic for Life Amor Family's 12 days of baking and candy making

My go-to is definitely going to be a KitchenAid. Now you might not be able to find a Pink one like mine 😉 But if you have the cash to spend and want to start making Baking a hobby of yours. Invest in a KitchenAid, you will not go wrong and the possibilities go far beyond baking!

Click here to see the selection found on Amazon. A basic KitchenAid Standing Mixer comes with 3 mixing Attachments, A whisk, A flat beater, and a dough hook.

There are of course different brands and variations of Standing Mixer but KitchenAid takes the prize in my book!

# 2 – Double Boiler

tfaldoubleboiler for LifeAmorFamily's 12 Days of Baking and Candy Making

There are a ton of Double Boiler’s out there. I used my Grandmother’s until it was lost in our move 🙁 Now I’ve just been making due with what I have.

When browsing Amazon I saw this 3 quart T-fal Brand Double Boiler and thought it was just perfect. It has just the right capacity for your chocolate melting needs and is a great size for other cooking uses as well. Click the highlighted link to check it out for yourself.

# 3 – A Candy Thermometer

candythermometer for LifeAmorFamily's 12 days of baking and candy making

The Candy Thermometer pictured here is an old fashioned glass one like the one I use that my Grandmother had given it to me.

I love the hook on the side which allows you to easily hook it onto your pot to keep close watch to the temperature as it rises. 

Click here to see it on Amazon, they are very inexpensive, I like how this one comes with a little guide for Candy Making! 

# 4 – A Heavy Bottom Sauce Pan

HeavyBottomPan for LifeAmorFamily's 12 days of baking and candy making

A Heavy Bottom Sauce Pan, or “pot” as i’ll refer to it sometimes. Is another essential in Candy Making. If attempting to make candy at high temperatures with a regular sauce pan or pot, not only could you ruin your candy but you might burn the bottom of your pan, and ruin it too!

I hunted for a long time until I found mine. Years ago I used a Rachel Ray’s Dutch Oven type dish which worked fine until the bottom started peeling.

This one here appears very similar to mine and has the exactly capacity. Click on the link to look for yourself. A good heavy bottomed pan will come with a somewhat heavy price, but like the KitchenAid a GREAT investment.

# 5 – A Food Processor

cuinsartfoodprocessor for LIfeAmorFamily's 12 Days of Baking and Candy Making

I’ve had numerous Food Processor’s over the years. I love to buy the little mini ones on Black Friday that run for only a few dollars. They also only run for a short amount of time. But they will get the job done for the time being. 

About 2 years ago though, I was gifted a Cuisinart Food Processor as a bridal shower gift. It was simply the food processor with no extra bells and whistles. I’ve used it for many things over the last 2 years and especially in preparing for you the 12 Days of Baking and Candy Making goodies!

I was not able to locate my exact model on Amazon but I did find a close cousin with the same 2 buttons! Click here to check it out. This is another tool for the kitchen that can be used for many more recipes other than candy. 

# 5 – A Mini Bundt Cake Pan


Anything Mini is always fun! This pan is not necessarily used for EVERYDAY baking but a sure good one to have on hand. During these 12 Days of Baking and Candy Making you will see why I needed to use mine!

This one here is the exact one that I bought. You can never go wrong with a Wilton Brand baking item. 

With a small coat of cooking spray this Bundt Cake pan works like a dream! You’ll see 😉

# 6 – A Set of Large Cookie Sheets

Wilton Cookie Sheet

If you have any experience with Cooking or Baking i’m sure you own a Cookie Sheet or two. But just to cover all the bases I wanted to make sure to include a link for then here too.

I have an old Wilton Rimmed cookie sheet, and a newer Wilton Rimmed Cookie Sheet. The older one is definitely an oldie but goodie and I like to use a little aluminum foil or parchment paper while using. And the New one, well I still use parchment paper LOL it’s just so easy for clean up!

I tried to find the closest one on Amazon to the one I bought at Michael’s last year. The one here on Amazon is definitely a much better deal. Click here to see it.

The rest are very simple items that chances are you have stored in your kitchen already.

  • A Pastry Brush
  • Good Set of Measuring Cups and Spoons
  • Wooden Spoons
  • Parchment Paper

I’ve been having a blast writing these recipes for you, I hope you’ve been having just as much fun reading them and HOPEFULLY trying them out. 

Any Questions?? I’m your gal! Comment below …

*The Highlighted Links are direct links to Amazon, when if clicked and purchased through I receive a small commission, at no additional cost to you! Pretty cool right?”*

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