Life Amor Family's 12 Days of Baking and Candy Making
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12 Days of Baking and Candy Making Day 8 – Peppermint Bark

Life Amor Family's 12 Days of Baking and Candy Making Day 8 Peppermint Bark

Here we are at Day 8!!

If you’ve noticed the pattern from my last 12 days of Baking and Candy Making I’ve been posting a Candy, then Baked Good, then Candy, etc. It has been working really well. What’s funny though, is the recipes that I thought were going to be the real “Crowd Pleasers” have ended up with the least amount of views! Which is totally fine!!! It just shows me how important it is to include diversity in my writing, blogging, BAKING and CANDY MAKING!

Today is another very Simple recipe, that will require some time and patience if you follow the recipe all the way through. I will give you a shortcut out though, if you’re interested.

As you start out with this recipe it will seem very similar to Day 3-Coconut Haystacks… if you haven’t checked that recipe out yet I suggest you do! My kids were so upset to return home from their Dad’s to see that I didn’t make enough to have some left over this year. Sorry Guys :-/

[recipe title=”Peppermint Bark”]

Peppermint Bark

You will need:

  • 4 cups White Chocolate Chips
  • 2 cups Dark Chocolate Chips (60% Cacao+)
  • 18 Peppermint Candies

Double Boiler or Small Saucepan and Small Pyrex style bowl, Small Rimmed Cookie Sheet, Food Processor, Parchment Paper


Step 1. Unwrap half of your Peppermint Candies and place them in the food processor, Chop until they reached your desired consistency for the Peppermint Bark. Set Aside.


Step 2. Line the small cookie sheet with Parchment Paper

Step 3. Fill the bottom of your double boiler with a small amount of water maybe 1/2 cup or so. Place the other pan or glass bowl on top. Heat at Low.

Step 4. Add 2 Cups of the White Chocolate Chips to the top pan and allow to melt, stirring frequently. You’ll notice as the chocolate starts to melt. Keep stirring until the White Chocolate is melted and smooth. Remove from heat.

I used white chocolate bricks I found at the Aldi store. These work and taste fantastic too!

CAUTION: Be careful not to allow the water to boil or to start steaming from the bottom. If this happens turn off the heat and remove the double boiler. You can always return it back to a low heat if you need to. White Chocolate ESPECIALLY is easy to burn. For best results keep it on low and be very patient. 

Step 5. CAREFULLY remove glass bowl and lay it on a towel.


Step 6. Add the chopped Peppermint Pieces and stir.

Step 7. Carefully pour your peppermint mixture into the lined cookie sheet. Smooth with Spoon or Spatula. Let Cool Entirely.

^ If you would like to call it a day at step 7 and just enjoy the white chocolate and peppermint, that’s always my favorite option. But since it’s Christmas and all treats should be extra rich and delicious, continuing on to Step 8 means you add 2 more layers!!!

Step 8. Once the White Chocolate has completely cooled and hardened, you will then start to melt your dark Chocolate. Using the same technique as Steps 3 & 4 only this time with your Dark Chocolate.

Step 9. Pour the Melted Dark Chocolate over the white chocolate and spread evenly with a spoon or spatula. Allow to completely cool and Harden.

Step 10. Repeat Step 1 with the remaining Peppermint Candies.

Step 11. Once the Dark Chocolate has completely cooled and hardened Repeat Step 3 & 4 Again with the remaining 2 cups of White Chocolate.

Lots of Repetition in this one, I know! But so worth it, You’ll See!!!

Step 12. Pour the last of the White Chocolate over your Dark Chocolate and use spatula to smooth evenly.


Step 13. Sprinkle the last of your Peppermint Pieces of the top, Allow to Harden. Recruit a small elf child to help if you have one.


Step 14. Using a sharp knife of your hands, cut/break the chocolate apart and you are ready to enjoy your Peppermint Bark!!

Life Amor Family's 12 Days of Baking and Candy Making Day 8 Peppermint Bark

So great for Christmas Time! Especially because Candy Cane’s represent Christmas!!! What better way to..


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