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How to Make the Easiest Mexican Rice Ever!

Life Amor Family's Easiest Mexican Rice Ever

Taking this post to back before I married a Mexican. LOL! As funny as it sounds. But seriously! Back before I married into a Mexican family and learned how to make cool Mexican Food, I was just like anyone else OBSESSED with “Spanish Rice” and Refried Beans. They’re so yummy, filling and make you feel happy! Perfect comfort food.

La “Guera”

So, when I did marry a Mexicano I was determined to make this “Spanish Rice.” My 16 year old self turned housewife worked up the guts to ask the family how to make it. I would ask my cunada and tias “How do I make Spanish Rice?” They would just stare at me. I could tell their brains were thinking “de que esta hablando esta p***** guera!?” No Sierto, at least I hope they weren’t.

To much of my surprise, what I referred to as “Spanish Rice” was not even in their vocabulary. Spanish Rice in Mexico is traditionally known as, “Sopa de Arroz.” Which still confuses the heck out of me. When I think Sopa, I think soup.

As a result, I no longer refer to this rice as “Spanish Rice.” We will call it Mexican Rice. Try going to any Gringo and offering them Sopa de Arroz, they will have ABSOLUTELY NO IDEA what the heck you are talking about. LOL!

My First attempt at Mexican Rice

It was a cold day, it must have been raining or a Saturday because the boys’ Dad was home and sleeping on the couch.

I thought to myself, this is my time to try it out. I did not want to ask and embarrass myself. Mind you, this was BEFORE Pinterest.

My husband’s Tia had owned a Lonchera, or as us Gavachos refer to it, a “Burrito Wagon” or “Roach Coach.” I spent a lot of time there watching her cook. I was pretty sure I had it down. So I gathered the ingredients, put them all in a blender, poured them onto my rice and put a top on my pan.

The house was starting to smell wonderful. I thought YES! I did it. I noticed all of the liquid had drained so I took it off the heat and served a plate to my now ex husband.

Without embarrassing myself any further. The rice was crunchy, and… I had NO IDEA you were suppose to peal the garlic and onion before sticking it in the blender. Whoops.

Time Went On…

As the years went by and I spent more and more time with the family, I picked up a little more Spanish and a little more confidence. I figured out the correct way to make Mexican Rice. And yes, making it yourself is just as delicious if not better than ordering it at a restaurant.

A Shortcut

One day the boys and I were over at my neighbor, Kristi’s house, I was helping her prepare dinner. She told me what we were making so I asked her where I could find her blender. She looked at me with that same look my cunada once gave me. She said I didn’t need the blender and to sit back and watch. So I stood there, ready to take notes.

She grabbed her pan, oil, rice and a small can of tomato sauce. I thought, What in the world!? And watched her as she made the Easiest and Fastest Mexican Rice I had ever seen! I was so impressed and to this day I use this recipe when I don’t have the time or ingredients to make it the long way(i’ll share that another time.)

My kids and husband refer to Mexican Rice made this way as, “Kristi Rice”

So here you are my friends!! (Make this tonight! And have ingredients delivered for FREE! See below for details)

[recipe title=”The Easiest Mexican Rice EVER”]

The Easiest Mexican Rice EVER!

Gather a Large Rimmed Skillet with Lid, and a Wooden Spoon


Life Amor Family's Easiest Mexican Rice Ever
  • 1 8 oz. can of Tomato Sauce
  • 1 cup White Rice
  • 1 3/4 cup Hot Water
  • 1 1/2 tsp Knorr Suiza (chicken bouillon)
  • 1/2 tsp Salt
  • 1 tbsp Vegetable Oil
  • 1/2 cup Frozen Veggie Blend(optional)


Heat the Oil in the rimmed skillet on Medium heat. Once the Oil is Hot, carefully add the Rice and stir fry until the Rice is golden in color.

If adding Frozen Veggies, do it now. Stir into rice until the vegetables are no longer frozen.

Carefully add the Hot Water and Can of Tomato Sauce. Stir gently until well combined and there are no longer any chunks of sauce. Add the Knorr Suiza and Salt, stir to dissolve. Carefully taste the liquid to see if you need to add any more seasoning. Heat to boiling stirring occasionally.

*Kristi always liked to add a pinch of Oregano, that is always an option to up the flavor*

Once the water reaches a boil, place the lid on the skillet and reduce the heat to a Medium-Low. Allow it to cook for 10 minutes then reduce the heat to a Simmer.

Life Amor Family's Easiest Mexican Rice Ever

After 10-15 minutes the water should have evaporated and your rice should be evenly cooked. Remove the skillet from heat and give yourself another 5-10 minutes before opening the lid.

TIP! I know it can be tempting to life the lid while the rice is cooking, but try to resist the urge. Just as if you were making a pot of white rice.

Serve and enjoy!!!

Makes about 3 cups of Sopa de Arroz, Mexican Rice 😉


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