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Our Super Bowl Baby’s 2nd Birthday

Molly’s turning Two

It’s almost impossible to believe that our fourth and final child will be turning 2 this Sunday. Yes, Super Bowl Sunday. People get a kick out of it when I tell them we sing Happy Birthday to her during Half Time. It’s just what we do! Who knows maybe she’ll grow up loving football, her Daddy would sure like that!

As i’ve been starting to prepare for Molly’s Peppa Pig Birthday Party, i’ve been reminiscing on the other 3 kids’ 2nd Birthdays. For some reason the big 2 just seems so significant to me. My little baby is officially a toddler and from 2 on up she’ll be talking, thinking, communicating in a whole new way.

2nd Birthday Parties

For Jesse, the oldest, he had a Spiderman Birthday and shared the party with My Dad (may he RIP). Jesse was so excited to share his Birthday Party with his Grandpa, they were peas in a pod those 2. We had a taco buffet set up and rented a bounce house. He had a great time and rocked a Spider Man shirt made just for his 2nd Birthday.

For Little Leo, the second oldest, we celebrated his Birthday in Las Iguanas, Guerrero, Mexico. Their Dad and both boys were living there at the time while I was working full time in the US. We found a place in town that was able to make a delicious Tres Leches cake with a printed out paper picture of Lightning McQueen. My MIL, and SIL at the time, and I, made tamales. It was a great experience for me to see how they celebrated children’s Birthdays in Guerrero. A cousin made a piñata out of clay pots, and the kids played fun games with balloons.

I wish I had pictures of both boys’ 2nd Birthdays but unfortunately they’re on a dinosaur of a computer in the garage. I really need to find somewhere to take that thing to see if they can get the pictures off of it for me.

For Macy-Jane, our first daughter and third child, wanted a Dora the Explorer Birthday Party. We lived in a teeny tiny apartment you may remember me mentioning from the blog post, “Happy Homeiversary to Us”. We were saving every penny we had to buy a house so I had to make do with what we had. I looked on Pinterest and found ideas for Dora Parties then went to town.

Macy-Janes Dora the Explorer Birthday Party
  • I used our printer and the last of our ink to print Dora Decorations for the Birthday Banner
  • Had fun with the streamers and other decorations I had purchased at the Dollar Tree
  • I found on the Clearance Section of the very few licensed things you see here

All using colors you would find in an episode of Dora the Explorer. So many Vibrant and Fun colors!

Pin Dora at the Party Map
  • My very talented Niece created a Map for a “Pin Dora at the Party” game, like Pin the Tail on the Donkey but Dora the Explorer Themed

And I made my VERY FIRST Piñata, Dora’s Backpack! For a 2 year old girl, especially Macy-Jane I knew she would be awfully upset if we started taking a bat too it. I decided on a Pull String piñata. I had seen one once at a Chucky Cheese Birthday Party and thought it was a great idea for a small child. It was the perfect option for our apartment.

The party went great we had a lot of fun with family and even though the whole fiesta took place inside my very small kitchen, it worked! The kids could have cared less where the party was held.

I kept making piñatas and Macy-Jane has the Dora’s Backpack Piñata displayed on a shelf in her bedroom.

Molly’s Peppa Party

For Molly’s Party (not held on Super Bowl Sunday) I will be making a Pull String Peppa Piñata. I hope I have as much success with this one as I had with the Dora Piñata.

I will be documenting with pictures so I can soon write an article to include instructions on how to make one yourself. It is a lot easier than you think! Plus you’ll save yourself a TON of money! What do piñatas go for now? Close to $30 i’m sure. The most money you’ll spend for your own piñata is on the candy, trust me! All you’ll need are cardboard boxes, packing and scotch tape, tissue wrapping paper, etc. It’s really a lot of fun.

Super Bowl Baby

We brought our Molly Tamale girl home from the hospital on Super Bowl Sunday. I couldn’t tell you who was playing that year. I’m guessing one of the teams had to be the Patriots. This year it’s the Patriots again (surprise surprise) vs. My Dad’s team the Rams. Jesse’s team Vs. Grandpa’s team!

So we’ll do as we always do and sing Happy Birthday to baby girl at Half Time and let her have her own little cake. It’s only right since it will be her Birthday.

I hope you all have a fun day of Super Bowl. My favorite part is always the yummy food, I hardly watch the game 😉

Happy 2nd Birthday Princess!!!!


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  1. Birthdays are so much FUN!! I have a bday coming up in the beginning of March for my first little boy. This has helped me get into planning mode! Thanks for sharing!!

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