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ohhh comedians. #MondayMotivation

I was up early this morning due to the rain and crazy wind. Not a huge deal because I wanted to get caught up on my show, “How to Get Away with Murder.” I had it recorded so I could skip through the commercials, but you know how sometimes you just end up watching the commercials anyways forgetting to fast forward? That’s what happened.

Stand Up Comedy

As i’m watching, a commercial comes on for a stand up Comedian. I ALWAYS cringe at the first sight of Stand Up Comedy unless I know for sure it’s coming from a successful and actually funny Comedian.

Stand-Up Comedy can be weird and uncomfortable. You will never find me at a downtown Hollywood Comedy Club or anywhere inside a Stand Up show. Solely for the fear of being picked out of a crowd to be roasted. I also have no interest in listening to a Comedian roast anybody else either.

This commercial was advertising the Comedian’s view on social media and people posting pictures of themselves working out.

You do you!

lifeamorfamilyyoudoyou strong arm

I get it! You’re on social media scrolling down, and its keto, keto, keto then posed picture in the gym. But does it really bother you that bad?

My Social Media feeds are full of weight-loss stories, muscles, keto diets and pics at the gym. Although I may not agree or be a fan of a particular workout or diet, that doesn’t mean I need to shame them for motivating themselves enough to post that picture.

That same person posting a picture, woke up that morning and ignored the voice in their head telling them to skip the gym, or eat outside their plan. At one time it may have taken a whole lot of motivation and courage for them to even step foot into a gym let alone post a weight loss story.

I’m not saying that the guy’s skit was wrong, there are people out there that really enjoy this type of stuff! And if it makes them happy then so be it! But, if you are motivating yourself with gym selfies, keto diet pics, fitbit wins and it helps you to be a Happier and Healthier You, then GO YOU!!!

If you’re looking for some Gym/Health/Workout motivation I happily recommend the following:

  • A FitBit – I received my first FitBit for Christmas this last year and I LOVE it! After you’ve downloaded the app, the possibilities are endless. You can set realistic goals, join a challenge with fellow Fitbit users, add step count reminders, calorie counting reminds, etc. Talk about a Motivation. If this doesn’t get your behind up and going i’m not sure what will! Check them out here!
  • A Food Journal – Now this can be a standard ole’ notebook or through the Notes section of your Iphone. Documenting what you’re eating throughout the day will help with portion control and keeps you accountable for your food intake. When I very first started on my fitness journey in 2015 the food journal really helped me out. After a while I was on cruise control and no longer needed to document my meals. Great tool!
  • Join a class at the gym! – You’re probably thinking how the heck would that keep you motivated. But it does!! Especially on a Tuesday when someone tells you “See you Thursday!” and you reply with an “Okay!” You’ve mentally set the date. You’re in and come Thursday morning, that “Okay!” will motivate you to get to that class, whatever that class may be. Allow this to be your motivation! Don’t be shy and try it out!
  • Buddy System – Find someone with similar goals and interests as you. If they like to walk on a lunch break, tag along! If they’ve shared a tip for a good healthy snack, try it out! If you and your friend have a gym membership Buddy up and get yourselves to the gym. I wish I had a real gym buddy! My “gym buddies” are two little girls who must stop to say Hi to everyone they see on the way to childcare.
  • Meditation – Okay, so I may not be the perfect person to take tips from about Meditation since I have a hard time sitting still. HOWEVER, I know how good it is for you to do breathing exercises and clear your mind for a little bit. It’s super Healthy for you. The Fitbit has a meditation option right on your wrist!

Whatever it is that motivates you to be a Happier, Healthier You, just do it. Don’t allow some “Comedian” to put you down. If you want to post that progress pic, then do it! You’ve worked hard and you deserve the recognition. If you want to show off that you made it to the gym that day, then do it! There’s nothing wrong with it, and if counts for anything…

I totally applaud your Motivation!

Life Amor Family Monday Motivation Runner

Happy Monday guys!! Enjoy your week!

Love, Meg

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