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A Valentine’s Day for Adults Eyes ONLY

Okay my heart is literally pounding writing this post about Valentines Day! My life wide open.. ready?

LifeAmorFamily Happy Valentines Day

I Love Valentines Day!

I LOVE people being in love, I love the act of LOVE, I just love LOVE in general. So in celebration of LOVE I’ve been looking all over Amazon to find some great gift ideas, for Him & Her. Some are Safe and Cute, some are Sexy and Fun!

Being an affiliate for Amazon means I get super SWEET emails with Sales, Recommendations and Limited Time Offers. PLUS! The reason I continue to go with Amazon is because most of you are members and with Prime Shipping you can order a gift almost last minute and it’s guaranteed to get to you in time! IF YOU ORDER NOW, YOU WILL HAVE ENOUGH TIME!

Ladies First – Polaroid Type Cameras are totally coming back! Since the invention of the “Photobooth” Now at all parties from Weddings to Baby Showers. These cameras make it awesome to snap a pic and have it printed right away. Not a super romantic gift but i’m sure it will be LOVEd! these socks with a little heart in a variety of colors are SUPER SWEET. My husband always likes to make me a whole Gift Basket for Valentines Day and these would be a perfect addition. Plus your woman won’t be rubbing her cold feet on you if you’ve given her some warm socks šŸ™‚ Bath Bombs! Total trend right now, encourage your lady to take some self care time(SO IMPORTANT) with these Bath Bombs. This package comes with a set of 12. These along with your encouragement for the self care will go A LONG WAY, trust me!

Okay so you’re probably wondering, when am I going to get to the sexy stuff right? It is Valentines Day and that is definitely one of my favorite parts of this Holiday. So you can take a sneak peek now and scroll to the bottom. Or continue reading on through my suggestions. šŸ˜‰

For Him- Yeti Mug w/ Lid & Handle. I’m actually glad I came across this one myself. I’ve purchased an “affordable” Yeti brand product for almost every Holiday for my Husband. He loves them! If your man is a coffee drinker he’ll like this gift too. A Beard Kit. My husband was given Amazon cards for Christmas and this was the first thing he ordered. He’s so happy at the fact that I finally support him having a Beard AS LONG AS it’s groomed and not scraggly. Growing a Beard is totally a “Guy Trend” right now. Alexa. I know totally unexpected, and it’s on sale for Valentine’s Day! We were given an Alexa for Christmas, you would think that I would be the one most excited about this gadget right? NO. My Husband couldn’t wait to get it out of the box plugged in and he loves doing the trivia, asking for the weather and using the accessories to turn on and off lights. It has a great speaker for listening to music and great stations linked to Amazon Music!

lifeamorfamily traditional valentine

Traditional Gifts

Yes, most women will be more than excited to receive Roses, Chocolate and Jewelry. Boy do I recommend it! I’m sure there are reputable places through Amazon to order jewelry but I am not at all familiar with them. Just keep those 3 in mind Gentleman.

And us Women, well we know what’s on the Man’s mind when it comes to Valentines Day. Trust me if you’ve been good to us in recent days, it’s on our minds too!

*Warning: Please be 18+ reading this, and if you know for a fact this sort of thing is NOT for you, Stop Reading Now! I want to be respectful of all of my readers, the following is going to get a bit “Riskay”!*

lifeamorfamily sexytime


A blogging friend of mine recently posted a Blog Article titled, “Let’s Talk about Sex, Momma” (click here to read) which was a real inspiration for this post. Until recently I felt almost ashamed to talk about Mine and My Husband’s sex life, but why? Sex is so important in a relationship and especially in our marriage. It joins our flesh as one and allows us to show each other through intimacy our love for one another, “Making Love.”

As healthy as it is to make love to your partner, it’s totally healthy to spice things up a bit. As long as you both are accepting of it.

Of course these are based on my opinions and recommendations, I am not a sex therapist nor professional. But I do know what it means to have an excellent Sex Life (I have four kids LOL) and i’m totally comfortable in recommending a few things that might be fun to try out this season of LOVE.

A Board Game-

“Monogamy- A Hot Affair with your Partner” Who doesn’t have a blast playing board games. I highly recommend this game and always look forward to playing it. It’s a game between you and your spouse, partner, whatever. You could have years together but still learn new things about each other through playing this game. It’s fun and excellent FourPlay. Click here to check it out!


There are hundreds, and HUNDREDS of Adult toys out there. And I bet you didn’t know that Amazon has whole section of them. Click Here to check it out for yourself. If this is new to you I suggest purchasing a kit to see what you and your partner are comfortable with.

Another awesome website to check out for Adult Toys is My husband and I are members of this website. They send a ton of freebies too.


Oo La La. As a woman i’m not sure what makes me feel more sexy than lace and lingerie. Also, no matter how self conscious i’m feeling about my body even if I do feel sexy, I know my man is loving the heck out of it!

This outfit, with this robe PERFECT for Valentine’s Day, or Night! Let your honey know he has an extra gift to open later. So Hot!Click here for —> Outfit <——> Thigh High Tights <—–> Robe add some sexy little stilettos and DAMN.

There are really a ton to choose from. Dreamgirl is a good brand, affordable, and normally fits true to size. Click here for their section.

lifeamorfamily sexy lingerie

Whatever it is that you and your honey chose to do this Valentine’s Day I hope you do it with love. I’m not sure what we have planned but I hope it involves the game mentioned above and a bottle of bubbly, we’ll see where it takes us from there.

Happy Valentine’s Day

Love, Meg

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