Parenting Four Children Is Not Easy
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Momming Four Kids, not so easy!

There are some days of parenting when I feel like I just can’t catch a break.

I knew this morning would be a difficult day. I couldn’t drink my morning cup of java having had 2 teeth yanked from my face yesterday. I had to drive an hour away to the orthodontist. No babysitter. Nap schedule out the window, and on top of that the boys have minimum days all week. I told myself I could get through it and prayed for strength. Worshiped through Christian music the whole way to San Luis Obispo. I know a ton of complaining, I’m tellin’ ya ONE OF THOSE DAYS.

Leo and I are learning how to parent as we go. Neither of us grew up in a stable home with role models to really teach us how. So I’ll start to ask my myself, is it normal to be this exhausted? Do I give in too much? Was I too hard on them? Did I allow them to watch too much tv? Too much screen time? I literally drive myself mad. Is it okay being a stay at home mom to take the day off and veg out on the couch, while my husband is working so hard for our family? Just reading all of that is exhausting.

Jesse, 11, our oldest is very smart but also a huge smart you know what. He’s a great ball player and has lots of friends at school. I have to beg him constantly to be positive and currently all he cares for is FortNite. And the talking back! Lord help me!

Gone are the days where kids are gone all day riding bikes around the neighborhood.

Little Leo, 8, our sensitive guy. He is happy sitting in his room playing nerf guns or legos for hours at a time. He’s very calm and likes to just hang out. He reminds me a dozen times a day that he loves me. Lately he’s been quite the wanker. And fibbing is at an all time high.

Macy-Jane, 3, The diva. She is like a mini adult and uses words like “actually” to start a sentence. She’s got attitude and Right now her biggest obsession is Ryan’s Toy Review on YouTube. She’s your typical girly girly, loves pink and dolls and barbies, etc etc. Since birth Macy, out of all 4 of these stinkers, has been the easiest… so far. But don’t get me wrong the diva means when she doesn’t get her way she SCREAMS no!

Molly, almost 2, our Sour Patch kid. Where do I begin with this CHILD! For starters I’ll tell you that and hour ago and for the I don’t even know how many times this month I went to get her from her crib and she had removed the poop from her diaper. And yesterday we had to leave the YMCA early because she was hitting and biting in childcare. It’s only fitting that she would be the surprise child we’d find out about 3 days before our wedding and come out to be the craziest. She adores her family and can be very sweet but oh so sour. Her energy never quits and I wonder everyday how I don’t weigh what I should after chasing after her all day long. As I’m writing this she’s climbing on me asking for high fives. God I love her though! I love them all SO MUCH

Leo my husband… lol jk we’ll get there another time ha!

Today being one of those days, I’ve texted my husband with, Pizza Night? I’ve got mounds of laundry to do and dishes to move to the dishwasher. I’ve got gifts to get out to all of our friends having babies, and the girls room to clean. Along with many other chores. Oh and Jesse just reminded me that our grass looks like it’s dying. Some positivity today please son??

The joys of having a large family. How do people do it with more than FOUR!?

Tomorrow will be a better day…

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