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#MondayMotivation – Music that keeps you Movin’

Happy Monday Everybody!!

For the last few weeks while at the gym I’ve been taking a screenshot anytime a song comes on that really gets me moving. Music is EVERYTHING while working out.

Why does music Motivate us during exercise?

Have you ever been working out, a favorite song comes on and triggers you to push harder? Listening to music can be the perfect distraction. Not only does music help you to keep pace but it also elevates your mood helping you to keep that body moving.

During Spin Class this last week the instructor had talked about the time she ran her 1st Triathlon and didn’t realize you weren’t able to wear headphones during the run. I’m not sure how I would even handle that. I have headphones in my gym bag and a spare in the glove compartment of my vehicle. I’ve made the mistake of not bringing my headphones before I hope to never make it again.

The sound of myself AND others Heavily Breathing, NOT MOTIVATIONAL!

As I’m telling my husband what my #MondayMotivation Post will be about, he cuts me off to ask, “Like Eye of the Tiger?!” NO. Not like Eye of the Tiger lol!!! I actually listen to a lot of Reggaeton.

What is Reggaeton?

If you are unfamiliar with Reggaeton it is not at all Reggae Music. It’s dancing music typically in Spanish that combines Hip Hop and Rap with Dance. To me, it is PURE MOTIVATION! Excellent for cardio.

The first time I had heard Reggaeton was in High School. It all began with Daddy Yankee’s, “Gasolina.” Oh man, laugh now sure, but get on that treadmill, elliptical, or any high endurance machine and this music is bound to keep you movin’!

If you are someone who likes to dance and work out to certain beats, you’re going to LOVE these songs.

Reggaeton Workout Playlist

  • No Te Veo by Casa de Leones
  • Limbo – Daddy Yankee
  • Shake Senora Remix – Pitbull
  • Hasta Que Salga El Sol – Don Omar
  • La Despedida – Daddy Yankee
  • Bailando Por El Mundo – Juan Magan ft. Pitbull and El Cata
  • Na De Na – Angel & Khriz

Last but not least my 2 favorite songs EVER

  • Danza Kuduro – Don Omar Ft. Lucenzo
  • Taboo – Don Omar

Add one of these songs to a playlist on Pandora and similar songs will start to pop up and you can weed through the ones that Motivate you most.


What music motivates you most while working out?

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