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A Baby Sprinkle

Life Amor Family Baby Sprinkle Invitation

Have you ever heard of a Baby Sprinkle? Neither had I!

This last weekend I had the privilege of attending a Baby Sprinkle held for my Sister-in-Law and soon to arrive Baby Niece.

A Baby Sprinkle is a smaller version of a Baby Shower. 

How cute is that? I could not get over the cuteness! I, of course, told anyone who would listen what my plans were for the weekend and then went on to describe what it was.

Get it, a Shower … or a little Sprinkle 🙂

More Excitement

If you follow me on Social Media, you know that over Valentine’s Eve and Day I worked my behind off in preparing chocolate dipped strawberries. Not just the strawberries, but unique boxes for each package and Kids Packs to make sure the kiddos and kiddos at heart had treats to enjoy as well.

My hard work paid off and I made quite a bit of money. Enough money to purchase a used Professional Style Camera that I had my eye on for a month. The family who was selling the camera knew how badly I wanted it. They were kind enough to hang on to it for me until I was able to gather up the money.

I could hardly wait. I arranged to pick up the camera on the way to my Sweet Sister-in-Law’s Baby Sprinkle. I wanted to start off by using it to take pictures of the cute decorations and the fun of the “Sprinkle.”

Arriving at the Sprinkle

I walked in the door as loud and excited as can be, nothing new. I remembered to tone it down a bit, used the restroom, then sat down next to my other Sister-in-Law, Thoya.

I was anxious to be there, I love my family so much!

I took out my camera to ask Thoya how to use it. She showed me how to turn it on, we took the cap off then she asked, “Okay now where’s your lens?”


Oh my goodness! We laughed. I wish I would have done my homework, I would have loved to show off the cuteness and the details her mom and mom’s friend put into the party.

Games & Presents

It was time to “Sprinkle” our Gal with games and gifts.

We played traditional baby shower games, always fun! The brunch was excellent, and the cupcakes were super tasty. I managed to politely convince the hostess to make me a cup of coffee. Can’t have brunch without a little java.

My Sister-in-Law was registered through Amazon’s Baby Registry which was perfect. I had waited til’ the last minute, being the MOTHER OF FOUR that I am. Amazon’s 2 Day Shipping was LIFESAVER! I was happy to take advantage and the gifts arrived just in time!

The gifts I chose off her cute little registry were:

Toy Lullaby Squirrel Pull Musical Crib and Baby Toy

Manhattan Toy Lullaby Squirrel Pull Musical Crib and Baby Toy
So soft! Hooks on the side of the baby’s crib. When tugged on it plays lullabies. So Sweet!

Flamingo w/ Beads Teether and Binky Holder + Binky

Life Amor Family Kowlone Teether Baby Shower Gift
Soft Silicone Flamingo and Beads Teether that also works as a Pacifier holder with a free Binky included. I LOVE the beads! BPA free.

This adorable outfit – “Daddy’s Other Chick”

Emmababy Newborn Girls Clothes Baby Romper Outfit Pants Set Long Sleeve Winter Clothing
Cute Little Long Sleeve outfit complete with little beanie & bow.

I used an Amazon Baby Registry for our Molly Baby, her shower was definitely more of a Sprinkle too. I was very impressed with the registry and the variety of products available. Plus the discount after the shower was helpful too!

Waiting to Welcome my baby Niece

I enjoyed the Baby Sprinkle very much. It was a sweet shower for the sweetest person and a sweet new baby girl to come. Whom does not have a name at the moment, by the way, so we are referring to her as “Jane Doe.” Once she arrives I’m sure she’ll have a perfect name picked out. (Jane is super cute btw Linds!)

Praying for a healthy delivery and a speedy recovery!


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