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Elegance at Walden’s Lakeview Dining


No Longer a Secluded Yacht Club

This last weekend I was given the privilege of being invited to attend a dinner event along the lake here in Montgomery County, Texas. I’m new to the area which made this evening, even more exciting. Christmas lights mirrored the water of beautiful Lake Conroe, which followed us throughout the way there. 

As we approached the area it felt as if we were driving into a private residence, to our surprise it was not that at all. The restaurant is seated in a peaceful little town with a panoramic view of the lake. The scenery was absolutely breathtaking, reminding me a lot of back home in Pismo Beach, California. Only, this was new! Walden’s is over an entirely different body of water. 

My husband and I arrived a bit early, hoping to breath in the scenery and get a feel for the place. We were greeted by beautiful colors of white, gold and silver. The delightful hostess guided us to the bar area where we passed an older gentleman and his wife sitting, playing Christmas carols on the grand piano. I glanced over at the dance floor, then back to the bar where a chips & queso set up awaited us. I knew right away that it wasn’t only the Holiday that made this place shine!

We mingled a bit as we were seated, I glanced over the Beer and Wine list. This night in particular we decided on cocktails(a night without kids meant we could let loose a little.) My husband decided on the Old Fashioned and I went with the Lemon Drop. We were served a couple versions of each, delicious. Next time we’ll go with wine.

The spread that we sampled was a beautiful array of Shrimp, Calamari, Crab Cakes, a mouthwatering Steak, and Beets like I’ve never tasted in my life! Each plate, a work of art. 

The freshness of the food, unmatched. The Steak marbled in color, cooked to perfection. The breading on the seafood was light with the perfect crunch, I had never been a fan of Crab Cakes until this day last week at Walden’s. The Vegetables? Delightful. The gal across from me had ordered the Lobster Mac & Cheese, talk about comfort in elegance! To the right of me was quail served with a vibrant salad on another picture perfect plate.

As the night went on we were entertained by a Flaming Chocolate Mousse Cake, the Waiter put on a show of flames and tricks. The Cake? To DIE for! It was hard not to fall in love with the silky rich chocolate taste. Then arrived the rest of the show stopping desserts; a slice of Pecan Pie topped with a generous scoop of Vanilla, Raspberry Cheesecake, Banana & Cream Cake, even a Vanilla Cake with each layer a color of the rainbow. My Favorite? That Chocolate Mousse Cake! I’m still dreaming of it.

An impressive evening to say the least. 

Will we return to Walden’s Lakeview Dining? Absolutely. This establishment reminded us a lot of back home. A magnificent view overlooking the water, An elegant facade, delightful staff, AMAZING food. This will be a regular spot as a date night for just the two of us, with friends or even as a company party! 

We are looking forward to our next visit!


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