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Stuff Your Own Stocking this Christmas- a Self-Care Sanctuary

Stuff your own Stocking

This Christmas

It’s no secret that as a Mother, our self-care is often put on the back burner. It shouldn’t be this way, but it is.

It wasn’t until I was in my second marriage with 3 children that I discovered what true self care is. How I ran on E for so many years is a mystery, I’ll credit it to my youth. As I’m getting older I realize how much of a toll it takes on my mental health, physical as well, if I don’t put ME first.

Give yourself the Gift of Self-Care

My main gift to me this year is to find and buy things to make my Bath the perfect Self-Care spot. I have this perfect vision of a relaxing sanctuary, surrounded by dim candles, a good book and a glass of dark red wine, bubbles and some calming music in the background. Now, I could leave this up to the kids and my husband to put together for me, but would it really be what I wanted? Probably not. Bless their hearts.

What is your vision of perfect Self-Care?

Whatever it is, you owe it to yourself. DO IT! If a vision of a relaxing bubble bath sounds like the perfect thing for you, I’ve put together a wish list. I suggest you do it too!

Bubble Bath

I’ve been working on putting together Meggan’s Self-Care Sanctuary Amazon wishlist. Here’s what I’ve chosen, plus a few other random self care items I believe are worth the splurge. Thank me later 😉

Bath Pillow– One thing that can be bothersome about taking a bath is when I try to lean back and relax and my hair gets wet, this can help! Plus it sounds soft and cozy, perfect addition.

Lavender Epsom Salt & Bubble Bath– Yall… YALL! If you have not tried this stuff in your bath you are truly missing out. Epsom salt is always great for my lower back and the scent of the lavender is so calming especially at the end of a long day with five, I mean four kids.

Battery Operated Candles- These! Just look at them! The aroma from essential oils and a good bubble bath or the lavender epsom salt is enough for me. I just want the candles for the lighting. I cannot wait!

Bath Tray– How perfect is this? Wine, Book, a cookie or something… all on this perfect little tray that extends to fit the size of my gigantic bathtub(perks of moving to Texas.)

A do not disturb sign – Found this cute little thang on Etsy, Love Etsy and I need it.

Bathtub Rug– Perfect compliment to the Feng Shui!


Treat Yourself

Since we’re in the spirit of Self-Pampering, here are a few other things that I’ve purchased for myself that are worth sharing!

Starbucks Shiny Cup – Unfortunately the one I snagged on first day of the Holiday Cups release is no longer available, but this one is super shiny and cute. The reason WHY I love it so much though is because it helps me get my daily water intake in and I can take it anywhere, matches anything. Everyone needs one!

Lip Plumper – Instant Botox (without the needles) Made with all natural ingredients and Liquid Biocell Collagen & Hyaluronic Acid! This stuff is the bomb! If you are someone who uses Botox already, a friend of mine uses this in between treatments. Amazing results!

Cali Girl Bronzing Pallet – I received one of these through a subscription box and instantly fell in love. I’m not sure if it’s because I’m truly a Cali girl or the glow just made me feel pretty. Glow girl!

Take care of yourself. If you need someone to tell you you’re worth it, let me be that person. You are SO worth it!


Meg xo

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