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Life without Mommy

I wrote this up a few days ago, sent it to my sister and her response was "Woah." It made me take a step back and think to myself, okay maybe a little too raw? a little TOO vulnerable. Ultimately I've decided, if I'm going to continue to be a writer/blogger on real life stuff… Continue reading Life without Mommy

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My Baby, not so much my baby anymore…

Yesterday we received mail from the school district. I had no idea what type of letter I was opening. To much of my surprise it was a letter informing us that open enrollment starts THIS SATURDAY for Junior High. Yes you read that correctly JUNIOR HIGH! This next fall, my baby will be going to… Continue reading My Baby, not so much my baby anymore…

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Hi! I’m Meggan.

Yes, Meggan with 2 G's. It's funny having such a common name spelled different, people sometimes think I misspell my name on accident, and then correct it for me. Always good for a laugh and if you're anyone that has an uncommon spelling of a name I'm sure you've learned to let it go as… Continue reading Hi! I’m Meggan.