Our Super Bowl Baby’s 2nd Birthday

Molly’s turning Two It’s almost impossible to believe that our fourth and final child will be turning 2 this Sunday. Yes, Super Bowl Sunday. People get a kick out of it when I tell them we sing Happy Birthday to her during Half Time. It’s just what we do! Who knows maybe she’ll grow upContinue reading “Our Super Bowl Baby’s 2nd Birthday”

Getting the hang of this Blogging thing- #MondayMotivation

Happy Monday Everyone! Since starting this blog I’ve of course set up social media accounts for example; Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. My opinion of the difference of the three is, Facebook is like a reunion site where you can connect, chat and share. Instagram allows you to post pictures or videos with small captions toContinue reading “Getting the hang of this Blogging thing- #MondayMotivation”

Is it Friday Yet?

Yesterday I thought all day it was Thursday. Today I keep thinking it is Friday. Don’t you hate that? The mind of this Momma is all over the place right now. Mommy & Daddy Bonding time. YES! This weekend Leo and I are headed to Victorville, CA to celebrate my cousin’s 50th Birthday! It’s aContinue reading “Is it Friday Yet?”

12 Days of Baking and Candy Making Day 11 – Mini Maple Bacon Bundt Cakes

This year while trying to figure out what in the world I could make/bake to complete a whole 12 days of baking my neighbor suggested something with Bacon. I thought about it for a while. Bacon? I mean.. When I think “All Things Christmas” Bacon doesn’t necessarily come to mind. Hmm.. LIGHTBULB!!! Years ago whenContinue reading “12 Days of Baking and Candy Making Day 11 – Mini Maple Bacon Bundt Cakes”

FortNite “Birthday Royale” Party!

Ask anyone on the street if they’ve heard of the game FortNite and their bound to say yes. Whether they play it 24/7 or they just know about it.  I, myself don’t care too much for FortNite because it is a constant battle with our son every time his screen time for the day isContinue reading “FortNite “Birthday Royale” Party!”