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Taqueria Style Salsa in Minutes!

Who doesn't love Tacos? I'm talking Authentic Tacos that you find in a Taqueria, in La Chiquita, Mexican Markets, etc. If you don't know what I'm talking about or have never stepped foot into one of these gems YOU HAVE NOT LIVED! When ordering your Tacos al pastor, de carnitas, de asada, de pollo asado,… Continue reading Taqueria Style Salsa in Minutes!

green machine smoothie
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The Green Machine ~ Delicious & Satisfying Green Smoothie

My first recipe HOORAY!  Funny Story before I give you the secret to the most delicious blended protein shake you've ever tasted. *Scroll down to Bottom for the recipe* I had lost 37 pounds doing an extreme work out through The Pit's Women's Bootcamp. I was feeling AMAZING, better than I ever had in my… Continue reading The Green Machine ~ Delicious & Satisfying Green Smoothie