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Is it Friday Yet?

Yesterday I thought all day it was Thursday. Today I keep thinking it is Friday. Don't you hate that? The mind of this Momma is all over the place right now. Mommy & Daddy Bonding time. YES! This weekend Leo and I are headed to Victorville, CA to celebrate my cousin's 50th Birthday! It's a… Continue reading Is it Friday Yet?

FortNite Birthday Party
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FortNite “Birthday Royale” Party!

Ask anyone on the street if they've heard of the game FortNite and their bound to say yes. Whether they play it 24/7 or they just know about it.  I, myself don't care too much for FortNite because it is a constant battle with our son every time his screen time for the day is… Continue reading FortNite “Birthday Royale” Party!