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#MondayMotivation – Music that keeps you Movin’

Happy Monday Everybody!! For the last few weeks while at the gym I've been taking a screenshot anytime a song comes on that really gets me moving. Music is EVERYTHING while working out. Why does music Motivate us during exercise? Have you ever been working out, a favorite song comes on and triggers you to… Continue reading #MondayMotivation – Music that keeps you Movin’

green machine smoothie
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The Green Machine ~ Delicious & Satisfying Green Smoothie

My first recipe HOORAY!  Funny Story before I give you the secret to the most delicious blended protein shake you've ever tasted. *Scroll down to Bottom for the recipe* I had lost 37 pounds doing an extreme work out through The Pit's Women's Bootcamp. I was feeling AMAZING, better than I ever had in my… Continue reading The Green Machine ~ Delicious & Satisfying Green Smoothie