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The Great Great Wolf Lodge

AKA, “Great Wolf Lodge” in Anaheim, California was where we chose to spend our summer 2018 family vacation. My Daughter now calls it the Great GREAT Wolf Lodge. It lives up to the double great and If you’re looking at it as a trip for your family this summer, we highly recommend! Prepare to read …

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Parenting Four Children Is Not Easy
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Momming Four Kids, not so easy!

This was a Blog Post I had written just weeks into blogging. I thought it was too personal at that time, I was afraid to show my weakness and I was afraid people wouldn’t Like Me or want to Follow Me because of it. But this is me, this is parenting four children, and these are the days that ALL of us have as parents. Whether it is ONE child or FOUR.

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Happy Home-iversary to us!!!

Holy Guacamole, has one year seriously passed since we purchased our forever home? It seems like it was yesterday that we were secretly home shopping with our realtor. Some of you may have been wondering for a year now where have we been? How we suddenly disappeared from our home town of Arroyo Grande, Ca. …

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