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Healthy-ish Banana Bread

Hi everyone! Oh my goodness, I have sure neglected my blog! I can blame it on all the things but honestly it's been in the back of my mind everyday. I love this blog and I love all of you that take time out of your busy lives to read what I have to share.… Continue reading Healthy-ish Banana Bread

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Mexican Chocolate Brownies

The Secret's Out To those of you who follow my blog, consider yourself lucky. The recipes I share on here, are recipes friends and family have BEGGED me to give them! My life wide open... I'm truly the lucky one! I've Won Over Hearts with These Brownies When Jesse was around 4 years old and… Continue reading Mexican Chocolate Brownies

Life Amor Family's 12 Days of Baking and Candy Making
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12 Days of Baking and Candy Making Day 11 – Mini Maple Bacon Bundt Cakes

This year while trying to figure out what in the world I could make/bake to complete a whole 12 days of baking my neighbor suggested something with Bacon. I thought about it for a while. Bacon? I mean.. When I think "All Things Christmas" Bacon doesn't necessarily come to mind. Hmm.. LIGHTBULB!!! Years ago when… Continue reading 12 Days of Baking and Candy Making Day 11 – Mini Maple Bacon Bundt Cakes